Spice things up with adding a pop of color to your lashes.  Combine ombre lashes or full color lashes for your next big event.  

I love referrals!

For each referral you give me, I will discount you $10 off your next lash fill to show my appreciation!

Full Set of Lashes (90-100% lashes)       $160

Mini Lash Refill (45 minutes)                  $50

Standard Lash Refill (1 hour)                  $75

Luxe Lash Refill (1 hour 15 minutes)     $100

​Color Add-On                                         $20

​Lash Removal                                         $30

  Lash Lift (Perm)                                     $70  

​Lash Lift & Tint                                      $85

GrandeLash MD                                      $65

*If 20% or fewer lashes are remaining, it will be considered a full set.

Menu of Services

Much unlike other lash studios, my full set includes the placement of an eyelash extension on every viable natural lash with no hidden fees.  This means you will have an extension on 90-100% of your lashes!

Full service eyelash studio

(303) 704-3529