• Please come to each appointment without any eye makeup on.  This will make the appointment go much quicker and also allow the lashes to adhere better to your natural lash.
  • Do not get your lashes wet for 24 hours and always care for them gently.

  • Wash your lashes daily with an eyelash cleanser or mild baby shampoo and dry then brush them with your complimentary lash wand.

  • Use care when removing any eye makeup and never use any oil-based products, cotton rounds, or swabs because of the cotton fibers.

  • ​Try not to touch your lashes often, since every time you do, you are transferring oil and germs to them.


Full service eyelash studio

(303) 704-3529

Founded: 2013

Owner: Bridta Rowe

Certifications: Licensed Esthetician, Eyelash Extension Certification (experience since 2012)


Area of expertise:  Full Service Couture Eyelash Studio 

Lash Prep & Aftercare

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Limelight's Profile

Whether you're looking for slightly enhanced, natural lashes, or out-of-this-world, luscious lashes, this is the couture eyelash studio for you.  I have been doing classic eyelash extensions since 2012 in both California and Colorado.  I have years of experience in the art of eyelash extensions that shows through in my application and artistry.  I did my training at Wink Lash Studio in Newport Beach, California after graduating from Bellus Academy in Poway, California. I am a member of the Associated Skin Care Professionals, and I enjoy having my own home-based studio!  Since my studio is based out of my home, my overhead costs are lower and I can give you the lashes you desire for a more affordable price.  I am dedicated to giving my clients the very best.  I am located between Fort Collins, Windsor, and Loveland, Colorado.  Come check out my studio that was newly renovated in November 2015.  

Before your lash appointment, I consult with you to discover what you want in particular.  We discuss lash products and  lash care instructions as well.  I never use monopolized companies such as NovaLash or XTreme Lashes, and instead use a variety of wonderful lash brands!  Come indulge yourself with my luxury products for that sophisticated and classy look you've been desiring!